Foundation of ScotAirways

ScotAirway was founded as Suckling Aviation in 1984. Named after its founders – the spouses Merlyn and Roy Suckling, the newly created airline began with operations from the Ipswich Airport two years later.

Modest Beginning Soon Followed by a Success

The Sucklings started off with a single Dornier Do 228 which could carry only 18 people. Despite the modest beginning, however, the airline soon met success with its unique approach that was characterised family-like ambiance, promoted by the airline’s staff both in the air and on the ground. Combined with on-schedule and well-timed flights, this family friendly service helped the Suckling Aviation create a great reputation and attract more customers, with businessmen accounting for the majority of people using the airline’s services.

Ipswich to Manchester and Ipswich to Amsterdam

When the Suckling Aviation started off, its customers could fly only to two destinations: